Becoming a Patient of the Clinic

We are currently accepting new patients. If you are considering becoming a patient of The Clinic @ College Corner, please read through our Office PolicesFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Uninsured Services, and The Clinic @ College Corner ClinicCare Plans information. and fill out the New Patient Application. 


Within six weeks of completing the new patient application, you will be contacted to schedule a new-patient session to meet one of our physicians. If, after this appointment, we all agree that The Clinic @ College Corner is well suited to meet your needs, you will be accepted as a patient and rostered with your new physician. Welcome!

Team Medicine

As a patient of The Clinic @ College Corner, you may be asked to see another one of our physicians if your assigned doctor is unavailable. We all work together closely, and all your records are available to any of our physicians, so your care will not be compromised    

First Appointments

Good medicine is a relationship, so at your first appointment, we’re going to want to get to know you. We’ll want to learn about your family too. We will provide an overview of our office policies and happily answer any questions you may have about our practice. Once we agree that we are a good fit for each other, you will be accepted to the clinic as a patient.

Remember to bring your valid health card, and completed New Patient Questionnaire.

Also, note that if you are given a new-patient appointment and fail to appear for that visit, you will be billed $65. The office will be unable to book a second new-patient appointment for you until we have received payment for the missed appointment. Thus, if something changes and you cannot make your appointment, please call us at least 48 hours in advance to reschedule.