Unfortunately, OHIP does not cover everything you need from us. Please review this list of uninsured services (services OHIP does not pay for) and their associated fees.

To save on costs, you may wish to consider The Clinic @ College Corner ClinicCare Plans.


Uninsured and Non-OHIP Services Cost
Basic Visit (no or invalid OHIP card) $70
Physical Examination (no or invalid OHIP card) $120
Prescription Renewals by Phone or Fax1 $40
Telephone Advice with Physician (per 5 minutes)2 $25
Massage Referral $40
Common Services Chiropractic Referral $40
Orthotics Prescription $40
Specialist Referral (without visit) $40
Physiotherapy Referral $40
Acupuncture Referral $40
TB Skin Testing for Work / School (per step) $55
Surcharge to Securely E-mail Forms / Notes / Referrals to Patient (PHIPA-compliant) $15
Sick Notes / Back to Work / Day Care Notes $40
School / Camp Forms $40
Fitness Club Forms $40
Pre-employment Certificate of Fitness $50
Driver's Medical Examination and Form $185
Citizenship and Immigration Report $75
Travel Cancellation Letter $50
Notes and Forms Revenue Canada Federal Disability Tax Credit $100
CPP Disability Medical Report Form $100
Private Insurance Sickness and Disability Note (short term) $75
Private Insurance Sickness and Disability Note (long term) $100
EIC Disability / Maternity Certificate INS2019 $60
Other forms not covered by OHIP or Third Party Insurance $40 - $150
Surcharge to Securely e-mail Forms / Notes / Referrals to Patient (PHIPA-compliant) $15
Vaccination for Travel (Hep A, HEP B, Twinrix)3 $50
Uninsured Vaccination (HPV, Zostavax, Menactra)3 $50
Uninsured Pap Smears (physician's charge)4 $60
Medical / Cosmetic Uninsured HPV Test (physician's charge)5 $60
Wart Treatment (per wart) $30
Excise Benign Lesion (per lesion) $80
Skin Tag Removal (per minute)6 $40 min.
Missed Appointment Fee7 $60
Missed Physical Fee7 $95
Missed Appointments Missed Counseling Appointment (per 20-minute block)7 $75
Re-Book Missed Specialist Appointment $25
Reissue Lost Prescription $20
Reissue Lost Blood Work / Other Test Requisition $20
Faxing and Photocopying (up to 5 pages, per page) $35
Faxing and Photocopying (over 5 pages, per page) $1.50
Records Transfer of Medical Records (patient initiated) $60
Legal Letters ($100 minimum) $300/hr
Immunization Record Replacement $25


1. Excludes narcotics and sedatives.

2. At physician's discretion.

3. Includes prescribing and administering vaccine (pharmacy charge for vaccine not included).

4. Excludes lab fee for processing Pap test.

5. Excludes lab fee for processing HPV test.

6. At physician's discretion depending on number and method of removal.

7. 24 hours' notice required for appointment cancellation.