What? I don’t need a physical every year? 

For most healthy patients, a physical exam is not required on a yearly basis.  

For patients with known health problems (diabetes, heart disease, etc.), it is prudent to see your doctor yearly for a physical exam.  

For many women, the yearly physical exam is really for the purposes of having a Pap test done. For women with no history of abnormal Pap tests, an annual Pap is no longer required and the physical may also be unnecessary. 

As a patient, you should talk to your physician about the frequency and/or necessity of physical exams, taking into account your particular health care history and needs.

Why do doctors keep us waiting?????!!!!

Medicine is unpredictable. A patient booked for 10 minutes may have a hangnail or a heart attack. Frankly, we’re in a bit of a bind. We can’t always know how long we may need to spend with a patient in advance of seeing them.

Emergencies happen. Please be patient and rest assured that we do the best we can to stay on schedule. We don’t like to keep you waiting any more than you like to wait. 

Why did I get a bill if I’m covered by OHIP?

OHIP does not cover all necessary services. Please read more about services not covered by OHIP, and The Clinic @ College Corner Membership Plans for patients to more easily and economically access these services.

Why can’t I get my prescription renewed over the phone?

Prescribing over the phone is not always a safe. There may be times when we insist on seeing you first before re-prescribing medication. If we do renew a prescription over the phone, you will be billed for our time. Please read more about services not covered by OHIP, and The Clinic @ College Corner Membership Plans for patients to more easily and economically access these services.

Why should I roster with my doctor

Rostering with a physician entitles you to 24-hour phone access to a Telehealth nurse and evening and weekend access to an on-call doctor belonging to the Family Health Organization (FHO) that we belong to.

What happens if I attend a walk-in clinic instead of seeing my doctor
or a member of her FHO?

Our primary concern is the quality of your care, so we urge you to try to receive all medical care through our office.   Continuity of care is compromised at a walk-in clinic – they don’t know you and they don’t have all of your records.   

We understand that very occasionally, there may be circumstances making it impossible to avoid walk-in clinic use.  We ask that you please try to see us first by calling our office whenever possible.

As the government penalizes us for outside use, we may have no choice but to de-roster patients who repeatedly use walk-in services for their convenience.  

We hope this Information is helpful to you!