Please note that while we are still accepting new patients, our wait times have increased as we have had many new patient requests over the past six months. We will try our best to accommodate you within 6-8 weeks with a new patient appointment. If you would like to  become a patient of The Clinic @ College Corner, please read through our Office PolicesFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and  Uninsured Services.

Importantly, please also read about The Clinic @ College Corner ClinicCare Plans .

We so appreciate those patients who have purchased our optional ClinicCare membership plans [mentioned above and listed below].  Many of you – new patients and old – have gracioiusly purchased these to support our office in light of government cutbacks to assist us in keeping up with the costs of increasing rents, wages and of course IT, none of which are covered by OHIP..

Please again note that these plans are optional, but we are grateful to those of you able to support our office while gaining the benefits of free phone- in prescription renewals and notes for physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and more.

Please have a look at our plans, then complete the form below the listed plans to  give us your contact information and a bit of information about you.  We look forward to meeting you.

To introduce more patients to the benefits of cold laser therapy for a variety of conditions including male pattern baldness [ hair thinning in both men and women } and a variety of musculoskeletal conditions including rotator cuff problems, tendonitis, ankle sprains neck and. back pain, we will include two complementary treatments to any patient who chooses to purchase a ClinicCare plan. We have been excited by the benefits experienced by patients offered this modality for pain and tissue inflammation.


ClinicCare Plans
Essential Plan - Individual $150.00
Essential Plan - Family $230.00
Choice Plan - Individual $205.00
Choice Plan - Family $315.00