We are currently accepting new patients. If you are considering becoming a patient of The Clinic @ College Corner, please read through our Office PolicesFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Uninsured Services, and The Clinic @ College Corner ClinicCare Plans information. 

Please give consideration to purchasing one of our ClinicCare Plans to help support our office and in turn enable us to provide more efficient and timely care. Please review the purchase options in the last section of this page by scrolling down to the bottom. These contributions enable us to ever improve our IT and staff to serve you better.

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ClinicCare Plans Help us All
We have established the ClinicCare Plans to help individuals and families conveniently pay costs for many common Uninsured Services on a one-time, yearly basis. We re-invest these fees in our service, technologies and IT infrastructure to better serve our patients.  Even if you do not anticipate needing any or all  of these services, by signing up for one of our plans you help support us in supporting you.   There are two optional ClinicCare Plan levels offered, Essential ClinicCare and Choice ClinicCare. *
Uninsured Services
Unfortunately, OHIP does not cover everything you need from us. By clicking the checkbox below, you acknowledge having reviewed the schedule of Uninsured Services and Associated Fees *
ClinicCare Plans
Essential Plan - Individual $150.00
Essential Plan - Family $230.00
Choice Plan - Individual $205.00
Choice Plan - Family $315.00